Schools derived from the  TAKEDA family

   There are now a lot of schools and styles of martial arts, all over the world, some of them founded by "masters" who claim that they continue some old traditions, maybe more authetic then all others. This is ussualy a problem with western guys but also some japanese soke's rise over night , from some shallow hidden tradition, since long time forgotten. Most of this schools are just poor replicas with no deep meaning of their ways of moving...

Comming back to Takeda Ryu, we have 3 maig streams:

1.GEN RYU - the original, mainstream, the source
2.SHU RYU - the best school that goes parallel with the source school
3.SHI RYU - rest of combinations

  TAKEDA RYU Gen Ryu - Mainline

1. TAKEDA RYU Nakamura-ha Sobudo
method founded by Soke Hisashi Nakamura (Minamoto no Hisamitsu) who studied with the 43-rd SokeIchio Oba, which also had his own system, 20 years later after the death of his master.

2. MUSHIN RYU Iki Sogo Budo
founded by Dai Shihan Yoshitaka Yamamura, disciple of Soke Ichio Oba

3. RYUSHIN RYU Aikijitsu
 founded by Dai Shihan Toshio Nishitsu, also disciple of Soke Ichio Oba

  Parallel branches SHU RYU - DAITO RYU:

1. DAITO RYU AikiBudo
the head master Yukiyoshi Sagawa was initiated by the 35th Soke Sokaku Takeda; Kunitsugu Takeda is the actual soke

2. DAITO RYU Senpu-kai Aiki-Ju-Jitsu
President (Kaicho) is Sumiyoshi Yamamoto, student of  Sogaku Takeda

3. RYUSHIN RYU Kodo-kai Aikijitsu
Doshu is Grand Master Kodo Horikawa, also a student of Sogaku Takeda

founded by O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, one of the most famous students of the same Takeda Sogaku

  SHI RYU - other related schools

- founded by Master  (Menji) Minoru Mochizuki an ancient student of aikido and jujutsu

founded by an un uchi deshi of  M. Ueshiba, Master Gozo Shioda

founded by another disciple of  M. Ueshiba, Kenji Tomiki

Doshu is Hoken Inoue who studied Aikijitsu with M.Ueshiba

Maestrul Okuyama - Fondator al scolii Hakko Ryu Jujutsu5.HAKKO RYU GOSHINDO
founded by Soke Ryuho Okuyama, eho studied Aikijutsu with Masami Matsuda.Association is now leded by Nidai Soke Scoala Soke Toshio Okuyama.