The True Essence of the Takeda Ryu Iaido

Roland J. Maroteaux, 5th Dan Iaido Takeda Ryu

The Japanese art of the sword isnít only a simple kind of fencing. Not only that the techniques must be applied with caution and accuracy, but also the body must be in harmony with the
technique, taking always flexible and straight postures. Here is extremely important to remember that Iaido Takeda Ryu involves a profound study of the abdominal breathing that is able to launch a Kiai just to the right moment, that of the blade's impact.

The rapidity of the execution, of the dodges and the blocking too, of the counter-attacks and the shifting, becomes an essential factor in the profound study of the sword techniques. These sword techniques are practiced in Takeda Ryu under two forms namely Taichi Ken Jutsu (effective combat standing) and Iaido Ė to draw effective oneís sword out of the scabbard. There is also a very important element, to be always in harmony with the opponent, both on the physics and on the mental level, always in hopes of obtaining the victory but without this be an element bound only by chance or hazard. In Takeda Ryu Iaido, it must always keep in mind the thought that the opponent can be a dreaded expert in a martial arts school, which not will give up to the fight than when this will be the only choice left available.

When two samurais fought in the times of glory
of the medieval Japan, the both knew clearly that one of them will die, but they didnít know whom. Even if Iaido Takeda Ryu is one of the fundamental disciplines of the Takeda School at present and therefore she is accessible to anyone, the necessary frame of mind isnít very spreader in Occident and itís few those that are able to get it through training.

To a very high level, the Nuki Waza study for example permits the cutting with the sword just where is fixed the sight. To an even higher level, it can tend to strike exactly where the sight was fixed on the opponent, before the effective beginning of the combat.

In actual fact, the Iaido art consist in taking the blade out of the scabbard to strike the first the opponent who also attack in the same time in a total unpredictable manner. To touch such performances hard to i
magine it must train both the technique and even especially the spirit. The spirit is trained through not attaching it to anything.

At the moment when it marks the intention of the opponent to attack, the spirit must not be attached to nothing, or maybe different saying, the spirit must be fixed on the ensemble man-sword, without to remark something particular. Many people try to pursue the opponent sword, but this is a mistake that must be avoided. Maybe some people will comment thatís easy to explain through words. Thatís right! It needs training assiduous and intense, performed with a great concentration which to permit this sublimation frame. The spirit must remain always careful and not be distracted by anything from those being all around him.

The great masters say that the perfection begin to be outlined when the spirit of the practitioner suffer this transmutation from his body to the blade of the sword that he handles.

The Iaido practiced in the Takeda Ryu school is kept and transmitted just in the form in which he was applied on the battlefield, knowing a great variety of techniques and also applications of these.

Only the spirit is that which can agree with the gesture permitting to obtain a skill special from beginning, then also a true mastership. This is the only possible way over the perfection and she is approachable to anything only through trainingÖ

In Romania, Iaido Takeda Ryu is thaught by the Chief-Instructor of Bujutsu Takeda Ryu Romania, Sensei Cristian Laiber, 1 dan Iaido Takeda Ryu, 5 dan Aikijutsu Takeda Ryu - renshi.

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