ARTICLES on the Takeda Ryu Samurai Traditions


  Aikijutsu techniques from Kihon to Henka
   - introduction in the curriculum of a traditional school, like Takeda Ryu, which is based on Kihon Waza (Basics) and Henka Waza (application of the well understood principles)

   Essence of  Iaido Takeda Ryu
- essay about the subtle art of the japanese sword as studied in Takeda Ryu , by sensei Maroteaux, 5 Dan Iaido

   UCHI DESHI inside Marotokan Dojo - A unique experience
- beeing an uchideshi means a very intense living, of the martial way and deep warrior principles, close to the master, filling in with the schools feeling, 24 hours from 24  (Aikigoshindo magazine excepts- PDF)

   Schools derived from TAKEDA RYU mainline 
   - Aikido, Hakko Ryu, Daito Ryu - very famous and popular names derivated from the same root - the Takeda samurai family

   Genealogy of  Takeda Ryu family and Minamoto dinasty ancestors
 - the Minamoto dinasty is a very old one in Japan's history and provenienta scolii Daito Ryu - scoala derivata din traditia familiei Takeda si facuta populara de mai recenta creatie a lui O Sensei Ueshiba - Aikido

    Sensei Roland J Maroteaux - 30 de ani de Shihan  (PDF)
 - french article from Aikigoshind Magazine,remebering 30 years of experience of Sensei Maroteaux since he received the Shihan title (first time in Hakko Ryu Jujutsu)

    Sensei Cristian Laiber, 5 Dan Renshi - articol din presa franceza (PDF)
 - 2 pages from same french magazine - Aikigoshindo dedicated to Sensei Laiber and his activity after passing the 5th Dan test and receiving the Renshi title