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  • AIKIGOSHINDO TAKEDA RYU - is our first video release , a DVD remastering of Sensei's Maroteaux Takeda Ryu Aikijutsu video, called Aiki Goshindo. The video documentary is produced by national TF1 , the main TV channel in France, in english and french, with romanian subtitles. Besides rare archive movies with Sensei Maroteaux training in Japan with Soke Nakamura, at his private dojo, this comprehensive DVD includes also a very good structured summary of Aikijutsu principles :
    - history of the Takeda Samurai clan
    - evolution of Aikijutsu as a specific martial arts of the Takeda Samurais
    - UKEMI - falling techniques
    - SOKUTAI DOSA - body shifting and movements
    - KIHON WAZA - basic forms
    - HENKA WAZA - aplications of the basic techniques in various situations
    - MUTO DORI - empty hands disarming techniques
    - Advanced techniques, KI - inner energy tests           
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