Shuriken Jutsu - "the flying blades"
 Shuriken Jutsu - Postura de antrenament -  de remarcat mina armata cu Shuriken si cealalta deja pregatita cu mai multe Shuriken-uri
     From the oldest times, the peoples thrown objects trying to attack or defense themselves by attacks. At the beginning there was rocks, then axes, darts, etc. … all of these due to the willing of be capable to augment the action or domination area.
      The Shuriken terms is many times confounded with “the killing stars” of Ninja. In fact, those little stars are named Shaken and were not utilized by Takeda clan samurais.

     Shuriken designates a kind of small knife blades which were thrown toward the enemy, especially for creating an attack opportunity. The samurai had been wearing armors, and the efficiency of these thrown blades, especially from distance, was not very high, but had offered to the one who used this technique a supplementary amount of time in order to launch a separately and decisively attack.  

Diverse tipuri de Shuriken de Kozuka de sabie pina la KoYari - mici sulite folosite de Ninja

     This was in rough terms the Shuriken Jutsu Takeda Ryu tactic and this discipline is seen as an annex to Iaido practice. The Japanese sword (katana) has 2 annexes blades, fixed through tsuba beside the sheath (saya). In the same time with the catching on the sword (katana mochi) for Iaido practice … they could throw one of these blades directly toward the adversary who has not expected to something like this… Once created this unballance, this broking of the rhythm, they could executed more easily an Iai on an adversary trying to avoid the little blade or being already scratched by it…

Practica Shuriken Jutsu la tinta

     How fair is this? There was war and there nothing was matter than the survival, the life and dead idea.  Kyojutsu – the art of fooling the adversary, of manipulating him or disturbing his attention was not exclusively the attribute of the Ninja warriors…   Kyojutsu is a component of every traditional martial art, as superior strategy of fight and as advanced method of training. This kind of training will develop a real intuition (Yomi) in fight and even a very profound one for daily life (Kan).