The spirit and the philosophy of Takeda school

      The idea of protection through nonaggression is fundamental in Takeda Ryu school. The highly efficiency of Takeda Ryu techniques is oriented to the capacity to neutralize the adversary attack with less losses for the adversary, to control as better as possible the adversary even beyond the pure technique level.

Famous warlord Takeda Shingen - leader of the Takeda samurai clan     All the Takeda Ryu members must practice their discipline with dignity and respect. The ones who will lost these extremely important aspects, the truth “Way” (Do), this will never be open for them and this ones will be limited at a technique level, pure physically.

  The Takeda Ryu school spirit is the one of a real Cavalry. A real Budoka must have a fighter spirit and honesty and discernment by himself and the others. The Takeda school techniques are extremely old but it is more important to aware the fact that these techniques are in fact just a way of training the body and the spirit.


· - the specific guard position is always with the right foot forward, exactly as the Japanese experts in KenJutsu
· -  the basic techniques do not include any kind of attacks and are practiced on both sides
· - the martial practice must follow a permanent equilibrium, primarily on physical order, which will be extended then toward the mental

· - the training must be balanced, in order to assure a permanent state of health for the physical body and a mental relax, in the interior
· - the search of a perfect internal control through the practice of the breathing forms KokyuHo and the concentration practice - Zanshin

· - the study of non-action in action (Wu Wei, taoist principle) of the internal balance in any technique (to be in the same time “as fast as the wind” in technique and inside “as steady as a mountain”)
· - the techniques taught in Takeda school were taken over directly from battlefields where the enemies were also experts at equivalent level and the fights were on life and death
· - in the most applications, performed without change the guard position, the techniques will finish with the immobilization of the adversary on the ground through painful joints techniques – (Aiki GoshinDo Waza)