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    This video clips are offered in order to help for a better understanding of the correct feeeling and behind the techniques Takeda Ryu School. Please do not try any of this techniques without the proper guidance of an authorized Takeda Ryu instructor, for your own safety. Remember that Takeda Ryu has no sport techniques, but they were trained in the spirit of an army, of life and death battles.

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   International Greece Seminar 2006,   Shihan Charlopeaux, assisted by Sensei Laiber


  2-nd International Taikai of  Aikijutsu - Pitesti 2005


 Shihan Maroteaux in TV( TVR 1 - with Sensei Barnavol 1999, ProTv - with Sensei Chantegrel 1993, TV.7 Belgium Demo in front of  Soke Nakamura1994)


   Traditional Winter Training - Yamabushi Dojo Pitesti


    Various Clips of Takeda Ryu SoBudo - Aikijutsu , Iaido , Tameshigiri , Jodo, Ju kenpo


  National Seminar Takeda Ryu Aikijutsu, Constanta , 2001


   National Seminat of Takeda Ryu Sobudo - Sensei Maroteaux,  Constanta, 2002


   Takeda Ryu Embu (demonstration) at the Friendship Judo tournament Romania-Switzerland, Pitesti 2002.Uke: Adrian Tatarescu 1 Dan, Liviu Prodan 1 Dan, Danut Anghel, 1 Dan


   Clips from National Seminar of Aikijutsu Takeda Ryu, Bucuresti 2003.


   First Taikai International de Aikijutsu, Belgia, 2003

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   Seminars with Sensei Laiber in Budapest, Hungary 2003 - 2006